Our Favorite Wedding Gift|Scene #01 Porn Photos

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Alexis Adams has just started her new life as a young newlywed housewife. We meet up with her as she's arranging flowers in the kitchen. Her new husband Steven St. Croix is equally settling into their new home|and their new marriage. it's clear they are both a little bored. Steven opens fantasymassage.com and gets to work rubbing out his worries|but the doorbell rings|and Steven finds another wedding gift has finally found them. Alexis opens the box to find something she wasn't expecting. A Nuru Massage Kit specially packaged for couples. Alexis explores the kit and sets it up for Steven. Alexis explains the gift to him|hoping to spice things up a little bit. As things get started|Steven can't resist taking his wife's bra off and sucking on her giant boobs. Alexis strips off her panties|and gets started. she uses the gel to slick up her up her body and rubs it against him sensually|and pampers him and makes sure she gets what she needs at the same time. The gel makes both their sexual hungers rise to a point where they soon can't help but shove Stevens' cock into Alexis' warm mouth and her wet pussy|sliding their bodies and sexual organs together in the gel until they both are sexually exhausted from Alexis' multiple orgasms. Their marriage just got a whole lot more exciting. Alexis Adams, Steven St. Croix