My Lesbian Valentine|Scene #01 Porn Photos

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Kasey Warner and Samantha Rone have been friends for years. Kasey has always been the more outgoing of the two and Samantha|has always looked up to her because of it. However| Samantha has begun to feel more than a friendly love for Kasey. Not wanting to ruin their amazing friendship|Samantha has kept her feelings to herself but enough is enough.They're old enough now to know that if something is going to happen between them|it needs to happen now. Samantha decides that their's no better day than Valentine's Day to tell Kasey the truth about how she feels|and comes up with a plan to surprise her after school.

Samantha buys dozens of red roses|and places them all around Kasey's house|accompanied by a beautiful card and tons of decorations that she's hand crafted herself. The best part|she's wearing one hot red dress for the occasion. When an unsuspecting Kasey comes home she's surprised to see Samantha there looking so sexy. She's so happy to see her best friend after being rejected by one of the boys she's had a crush on from school|Samantha is the perfect person she wants to see. When Samantha finally tells Kasey how she feels|Kasey can't help but fall in love with Samantha then and there.

Samantha is so overjoyed by Kasey's reaction they share a long|hard passionate kiss. Realizing this is what they've both been waiting for|for so long. They waste no time|undressing and exploring each other's tight|wet pussies on the living room table. Wave after wave of pleasure as they lick each other's hard nipples|while their fingers caress every inch of their bodies as they yearn for the other's touch again and again. This was a Valentine's Day surprise neither of them saw coming|and it's only the beginning! Samantha Rone, Kasey Warner